The latest attractions on, near, along and over the water...

...offer lots of fun for the younger and the older ones and become more and more favourable to the visitors of the Bode-Gorge.

The fun-ride "BODERITT "(Bode-ride), for example leads you with lots of swings and curves over a side arm of the river Bode. You can enjoy this fun alone or in pairs. It is not without a reason, that the "SPRITZIGE SAUSE ", a water carousel, is named "spritzig "(sparkling). Come aboard the "BUMPER-BOATS "and get bumped on the water.
Many others, like the "NAUTIC JET 2.0"complete the range of water fun attractions on the fun island "SPASSINSEL ". Laughs and giggles are guaranteed when "NAUTIC JET 2.0" gets launched into the waters.